A Mini Home Tour

People ask me all the time where I got some of the things they see in my photos I post. I decided to make a mini home tour post giving you the links of where to find some of our things!! One of the first things we did to the exterior of our home after we built it was add garage door brackets. We still need to remove the original handle and fill the hole, but you can see what a difference they make! Loving that carriage house look, and its a super CHEAP and simple upgrade that makes a big difference! You can get the kit here. My husband is the ultimate Pinterest master WHEN I can borrow him to do things! I stumbled upon Whitney Hansen's GORGEOUS DIY electric fireplace blog, and fell in love

Custom Phone Icon Setup - CocoPPa

Tired of the boring iPhone app icons? I found the coolest app called CocoPPa that has hundreds of awesome icons, it's free and super easy to use! I decided to go with a purple/teal pastel kawaii look for my phone! Before you get started, you will want to clear your home screen. You can move all of your apps to a new page. You don’t want to delete them! To move them, you can click and hold down over the icon you want to move until it starts shaking. Then you can simply drag it to the edge of the page and it will move to a new page. To make folders like you see on my screen, you can drag an icon to another one you’d like to combine in a category. Then you will start a new folder in which you

Chores for Children by Age Group *Free Printables*

Chores are a really important and spoke to frequently in the Montessori Method. Maria Montessori essentially based her model on the premise that children enjoy doing more than being told about an activity and that they want to feel needed and helpful. Some think chores are a bit "harsh" especially starting as young as 2 years old, and for some reason they have a negative connotation associated with them from television classics that hinted chores were a form of control or punishment within the home. Let me reassure you, they are not, and should not be associated with any form of punishment... the idea of goal setting and mastering tasks helps not only teach important real life skills they wi

Game Room Setup

Our family is super into gaming. My husband and I grew up loving all of the classics, and have shared our love for video games with our babes! They LOVE playing between the different systems, and there's nothing like having the real deal, vs emulators/using mini systems. Just doesn't feel the same! Anyways we wanted to dedicate a space to set up and make it a gamer area, allowing our babes to proudly display heir collection! In my playroom post, I shared these cube shelving units we also use them in their bedrooms! They are great, super sturdy and the perfect size when flipped horizontally for little to access. They come in different colors and are super sturdy, the best bang for your buck!

Montessori Infant/Toddler Room Setup & Floor Beds

Many of you have followed me since my very first blog, Montessori Meet Mot, which has sadly been long gone in the course of life events.. I also had a rough bought with doubting myself/thinking others were uninterested in hearing some of the things we do, I was wrong, and that makes me feel great! Thank you <3 One of my blog posts was very successful, and I still get asked about it, and no longer have a link :( So I have decided to re-write it, and update! Sleep is a huge topic in parenting, and we did have great success following a Montessori style bedroom set up. For those who aren't familiar with the Montessori Method, I will do another full post about it... but in most simple terms, it i

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