Organizing Family Spaces. Tips and Tricks that are Aesthetically Functional!

Since the newest Marie Kondo craze has hit the internet hard, I wanted to share some of my personal organizing tips... no worries, you don't have to hug or talk to any inanimate objects! I want to share what has worked for our family with two school age children who love doing all the things! I know keeping a single space dedicated to your little ones is hard, so hopefully these ideas will help you keep your home looking less jungle gym, while still keeping things easily accessible to your little friends! One of the biggest tips I can give when someone wants to start organizing their home, is to start one room a a time! Draw out a plan on a piece of paper that gives you an idea of what items

The Perfect Crock Pot Ham & Bean Soup

A simple southern comfort soup! This recipe is altered every single time I make it, I am always changing it based on what I have. This time I decided to use carrots, last time I used just fresh spinach! You can literally add anything to this soup veggie wise and it will taste AMAZING! This time I used lunch meat ham as I didn't have a ham hock or ham steak in the freezer. Because I used the lunch meat ham (which fries really nice) I also added bacon bits for that extra smokey bacon flavor (or your own bacon crumbles.) -- If you make your own bacon, save some of the crease to sauté the onions and ham in! This version is the simplest throw together ever! You can get as fancy as you want or you

Beef Pot Roast with Carrots, Potatoes, & Green Beans

This is a super simple recipe that is easy to throw in the crockpot in the morning, and you come home to a buttery roast beef with perfectly cooked and seasoned veggies! I like to mix up my veggie game, I normally do potatoes, carrots, and celery... this time I opted for french style green beans! That's the best part about cooking, you can make each meal your own! Don't run out to the store, see what you have! I have also used zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, and mushrooms with my roasts! I love my onions sliced on the larger side, when you serve this, the onions magically wrap themselves around the other veggies making every bite perfection! To peel or not to peel? I am a non-peeler, 1. it is

Just Like That... We're Homeschoolers!

It was two weeks before the end our our 2nd 9 weeks. Just one more week and then it was Winter Break! We did a thing... It all started with what would be the last phone call from the Principal, "Hello Mrs. Bobst, we have M here in the office after an incident in the lunch room." I could have stopped her there and finished the entire description of what occurred, as it isn't the first time it has happened. "M tripped a student and will be spending the rest of his day in in school suspension." My heart sank. Here is my boy who has to sit isolated in an empty classroom as a social outcast because he can't conform to a neurotypical child's routine. One of the first things I want to know when I g

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