Fun Negative Space Christmas Tree Art

We literally did this project while I cooked a meal! It is so fun and easy, and not a really big set up! You will need chalk pastels, (we found a really nice set on amazon here for under $15.) Construction paper, and card stock if you have it to make it easier to outline without tearing or moving. First, find a Christmas Tree cut out so you can us to mask the paper. We found ours here We printed it out on card stock so it would be easy to trace around with the chalk pastels. Next, cut out the tree (excellent shape for practicing cutting skills! Then, tape it to the dark colored paper (the concept is supposed to represent a tree glowing at night!) Begin tracing around the edges of the tree wi

Dirty Hands Bread Experiment

This was a really neat experiment to do to learn about germs and how they spread! It was really interesting and GROSS at the same time! If you have little ones that hate washing their hands, this experiment is a great visual aid as to why it is important! Here is what you will need: Start with three pieces of bread – one will be the control, one will collect unseen stuff (bacteria, viruses, mold spores) from dirty hands, and one will collect that stuff from clean hands. For this experiment, we picked bakery fresh bread that had no preservatives, which would slow down the mold formation. Did you say mold? That’s right. Throughout this experiment, we will be growing mold spores on each piece o

Fun Themed Gingerbread Houses

My friend sent me the CUTEST Super Mario themed gingerbread house and I went down a gingerbread rabbit hole on amazon... if you are looking for a fun Christmas project check these out: (Click the pictures for the direct links) Super Mario Gingerbread Castle Frozen II Gingerbread House Kit Grinch Who-Ville Gingerbread House Candy Land Gingerbread House Mickey and Minnie Gingerbread House A Christmas Story Gingerbread House Turkey Gingerbread Cookie Oreo Cookie House Mini Oreo Cookie House Ninja Bread Kit Christmas Sweater Cookies Zombie Sugar Cookie Kit Rice Krispies Treats Stocking Kit Rice Krispies Treats Holiday Train Kit The Grinch Cookie Decorating Kit If you are looking for a fun allerg

The Best Classic Stuffing with Sausage

Okay, no boring story...Want the recipe for the best stuffing evvverrr?? Here it is: What you'll need: 1 1//2 cups finely chopped yellow onion (I used one red and one small yellow onion here) 1 1/2 cups finely chopped celery (include the leaves they take the best!) 1 1/2 sticks salted butter 16oz Jimmy Dean Sausage Premium Pork Sausage 8 cups stale, dry unseasoned bread cubes (a couple days old is perfect... however I threw mine into the oven at 200 for a little bit being we were making ours the day of.) 1 teaspoon salt, more as needed (I use a bit more) 1/2 teaspoon course black pepper 1 teaspoon sage 1/2 teaspoon thyme 1/2 teaspoon celery seed 1/2 teaspoon rosemary ( I used Italian mixed s

Critical Thinking Morse Code Pen Pal Activity

We have really been enjoying writing back and fourth with our pen pals! We have two sets, and they are both so awesome and engaging! This last round, we received a mysterious code! My 8 year old quickly got to deciphering it, but was really stuck without a key, and he was not familiar with Morse code just yet. So I told him to google it and see if he could come up with any ideas before asking his friend. He typed in "Code with dots and lines," this is what he got: I let him figure it out rather than just telling him what it was. His face lit up when he found it right off the bat based on his google inquiry. From there, I pulled up a brief video to watch on the history of Morse Code: Lastly,

Grinch's Stink Stank Stunk Ornament Freebie!

This is a super fun and easy Christmas time craft... bonus if you are a Grinch fan like myself :) This is a quote from the lyrics of "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" You can download the printable here: Download Now (You may have to adjust the size of the document to 50% or smaller depending on the size you would like) We cut out ornament shapes, and then decorated with random sequins, glitter, puffy paints, stamps, and pom poms! These are fun to hang in their rooms! This year we are doing a Grinch themed bedroom for Christmas! Click the following for direct links to find the same items: *Furry Green Pillows *Grinch Sheets (NOT Flannel!) *Grinch decorative pillow We made giant whimsy Christma

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