How to Create the Perfect Color Palette

1. Pick a color that represents you! This is usually your most bold or bright color. This color will represent your business most. The one that stands out, and is most associated with your business / site.

2. Next, choose a complimentary color to your first color. One that nicely contrasts but does not steal the show from your main color!

3. Then comes your neutral color, these are typically your grays or tans. This color will balance the contrast between your first two, and be used as an accent color.

4. Fonts and other heavy worded areas need a nice dark color! Most people stick to black, however, I always suggest using a dark charcoal gray or navy/steel blue! It's far more easier on the eyes!

5. A light color is always nice to have for backgrounds, highlights, tabs, etc. You don't necessarily need to focus so much on dark and light, as far as bold-pastels but more the contrast. So when I say "light" certainly you can do a light lime green!

When I do brand assessments, or when I am creating brand boards, I usually ask my clients to send me a few photos of things that really catch their eye. This can be home interiors, beaches, landscapes, magazine covers, etc. Check out my Inspiration tab! From there I can grab the hex codes for colors like the photo above! Pulling colors most don't typically see at first.

You can also check out paint stores online for color ideas! Benjamin Moore always has a nice display of their latest colors!

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