Top Ten Web Design Trends You Need to be Aware of!

1. Everyone loves video.

A recent report from google will show that 74% of web traffic will come from video. This is also beneficial of sharing across all platforms!

2. Mobile access is vital and likely the first point of access to your site.

Focusing on mobile layout/loading times is essential, as this is the start of your audience's journey most likely.

3. Pretty fonts make a difference.

Websites with custom text will continue to increase with dramatic headers, and impactful content blocks.

4. More negative space is trending.

"Negative space" is referring to the background area (white area above) around the content.Instead of cramming so much information into one space, designers are now leaning towards allowing the site to breathe, and boast it's beautiful typography without feeling too cluttered.

5. GIFS are super hot right now, especially in banners/ads.

In place of the standard slide show, GIFS are beginning to pop up used as headers, intros, and sharable content on social media.They're fun, different, and tell a story in a matter of seconds.

6. Photocentric menus.

Making a site more interactive and personal, brands are using photos as menu buttons to help the user navigate with ease.

7. Personal product photos (professionally taken.)

Many websites are now boasting their own photography in regards to their products. Obtained by professional photographers showcasing the products with their own personal touch. This is in place of the manufacturers basic product photo. This way a story can be told with their product being seen in action.

8. Bold and vibrant colors are making a come back.

Together with unique typography, bold colors are demanding your viewer's attention. Standing out in a sea of similar websites is tough, strategically using bold colors throughout will keep their attention, as well as help your brand be memorable.

9. Duotone is also super eye-catching placed throughout.

We are starting to see more duotone filters while showcasing their products. Although not recommended for your entire site, strategically placed for highlighting is a win!

10. Less is more in general is important, but especially when speaking about loading times.

Many times when consulting with a new client, after seeing what I can do, they want it all! So many cool things we can do, however, just because we can do it... doesn't mean we need to do it all! The less is more rule applies to websites, especially when it comes to keeping your website fast, without pre loaders!

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