Channeling Your Inner Photographer... the Impact of Small Details in Product Photography

Photography is the ultimate way to tell your visual story. Your visitors will always be drawn to a photo or graphic before they are drawn to the text. The problem is that sometimes we forget the details when showcasing our products or work. This ultimatey is to blame for masterpieces drowning in their own visual aquarium.

Here are a few examples I use for salons:

The salon above is no doubt a beautiful space. Boasting multiple textures, subtle pops of color, and really gives a cozy upscale feeling. The photo however is not as pleasing visually. We are seeing the space from a “standard” point of view... when really, there is nothing standard about this spot! The dead on angle gives us the same view we would get walking in ourselves. The lines are off, the mirrors are reflecting more of the same making it a bit chaotic, and the lighting is intense.

This salon however is more aesthetically pleasing. Yet, I’m certain you noticed right away how plain and simple the actual salon is. Nothing too exciting or prestigious. Basic, yet the angle is artistic and inviting.

Now what’s my point? My point is taking the time to really focus on your image. Your product/space is no doubt beautiful, so how can you help your clients to appreciate it’s unique beauty?

Not only does styling a shot and really picking the right area, lighting, and artsy angle invite your clients’ eye... it also shows them your creativity! Bonus points on standing apart from the rest you have earned!

While we are on the topic of salons, here is another great visual comparison on how paying attention to the details makes a huge difference. Again, not so much the hair, they’re both super hot! The first photo is your run of the mill just finished chair photo... The second photo screams creative professional, with a knack for aesthetics... I will book my appointment now!

Understanding the basics to a non professional photo shoot is your ultimate one up on others in your industry. It tells your story, showcases your product/work, all while giving your potential clients insight to your own personal style.

While hiring a photographer is absolutely ideal, in most cases where you want to showcase your latest daily, and that’s not affordable or functional. This is why knowing how to get the most out of what you already have is a game changer for sure! Cell phone editing, and free apps are way under utilized!

Below are two photos taken from my iPhone 6 Plus. They are both featuring the same elements of my personal office, however with a few changes and attention to lighting details along with simple edits you can see a huge difference. Can you point out the changes?

Another example, same space, but this time showcasing a product before and after. In my before shot, you will notice background clutter, funky lighting (night time) and just blah all around. The after photo, the lighting is brighter, the product is the only focus and the positioning allows the 360 view in one still shot. Much more aesthetic, and super simple adjustments.

Below is a great example of how angles and textures make a big difference:

I do offer on site consults/mini classes on marketing individually within a group/practice. This includes Real Estate Teams, Medical Practices, Law Firms, Salons, etc...

I focus on helping the group highlight their individual strengths and styles while promoting each other as a whole. My holistic approach really helps potential visitors/clients choose a professional they will likely click with forming a long term relationship and generating repeat referrals for years to come. Workplace moral is also one of my main focuses within these mini classes, this comes with helping individuals find their unique style/strengths.

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