How to Write an Engaging Blog Post

1. Know your audience! This is the most important thing when it comes to making sure your material is interesting to your particular audience. Know what they like, know why they follow you, and answer the questions you think they may have!

2. Have an idea of the topic prior to sitting down and writing your post. Define the topic, and list the main points on a separate piece of paper or in your blog planner so you don't get sidetracked mid-writing. (easy to do, lol.)

3. Pick a title, you may want to wait until you are finished writing your planning to do list for the particular post this way you can pick one that will captivate your readers from the start! You want them to WANT to click on it!

4. Keep your audience glued from the beginning! Make a killer opening line, this will keep them wanting more.

5. Be relatable.

6. Don't be flighty. It's easy to get sidetracked, make sure you end up making your main point. We sometimes will say what we are getting ready to write about and go back to read realizing we missed the entire point! This is confusing, and honestly annoying to most readers.

7. Get your readers involved in your topic! Invite them to share their own stories, or share your link by providing easy access to pinning/link sharing.

8. Make your post yummy. Ok we aren't all food bloggers, however we can certainly make one drool by way of providing visual feast! Use images that make your reader get all warm and fuzzy inside! Again, make sure they are related to the topic of your post! Nobody wants to see shoes if they are reading an income tax post... wait... I would, lol bad example :) (Check out my game changing post on simple adjustments to make while taking pics for your post!)

9. Make sure you are aware of your publishing time! Don't just hit publish right after you do your final proofreading. You want to post at a time your audience will be most attentive!

10. Be a creative promoter, but not an annoying one. Post your post on your social media platforms however, don't be that annoying "My new post, please share" blogger. Make sure you write a good and subtle invitation as a caption to where you are sharing. Perhaps tell them how they can benefit, or what to expect!

11. Respond to comments! You want to engage with your readers, this is what it is all about. Be personable! The more likable you are, the more your readers will want to learn!

12. Realize you don't have to promote the same thing across EVERY social media platform. Different platforms work differently for different niches. Find a few you feel work well for reaching your audience and be a boss! As an example, I have a Facebook and an Instagram page for one of my personal blogs. My Facebook page has 88k+ highly interactive followers... my Instagram only 1,700ish. So you see the big difference in following, and I focus most of my shares on FB for that reason! You do not have to be a Master at all of them, it gets overwhelming and certainly can be discouraging at times.

13. Don't try to force your writing style. Your writing is unique to you. Sure you will find some bloggers who you think are "better" than you, or post more ofter, have a larger following etc... however, your followers are following YOU for YOU... don't be a copy, be an original :) If you say "y'all" type "y'all" Ya knowwhatimean?

14. Make your work area cozy! STOP what you are doing, and set up your space to reflect your writing. Make it an escape for your everyday routine. Your place to relax and be you! SUPER important!

want my marble mouse pad or high back luxury computer chair? Get them here (click on pics):

15. Lastly, ask your readers what they want to see! Offer advice, or share your personal moments. Everyone loves a home tour, or a quick relatable post, behind the scenes and VIDEOS everyone loves SHORT videos! Youtube is a great place to host your videos and get seen! Keep them short and sweet, and attach to a written post, even if it is just a simple intro in writing to your video! This way you have more of a click back to your and youtube... Bounce around!

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