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Inexpensive Halloween Decorations!

Halloween is when our "holiday season" officially begins! Our Christmas trees go up, and get dressed in their spooky garb!

I got most of my decorations/ornaments at Michael's and Dollar Store! I typically spend under $50/Tree.

Michael's had really cute orange roses with eyeballs!

The witch is everyone's fave!

These photos were also from Michael's and are holographic...

Guests love them, they always think it is an old family member until they walk by!

These were cardboard skulls our friend Heather helped decorate like sugar skulls!

Red acrylic paint hand prints! The mail man loved them lol!

A Jack Daniels bottle with water and green food coloring and a painted label.

This sign was from the Dollar Store, and a wine bottle filled up with water and black food coloring to be "black magic."

We had a dinner ghost guest named "Fred..."

Sometimes he had to use the potty... lol

For our table cloth I just grabbed a cute fabric that was on sale at our local fabric shop! I cut the edges to look tattered, going with the spooky look, yet not having to cut perfect edges / sew!


This year we did a Tim Burton "Nightmare Before Christmas" Theme. We made the ornaments by hand, using acrylic paint on these blank wooden ornaments. I like using these for gifts too!

In part of my husband's "artificial tree boycott" last year, he threw away ALL 3 of my artificial trees.... a fight he won't win... I purchased this really nice and full 7.5' artificial fur off of amazon! I love it, it's perfect for the entry way not taking up too much space.

The fabric chevron table runner can be found here! It went perfect with the theme!

My tree skirt is just a yard of black and white chevron fabric. I took paper and crumbled underneath to give it a full appearance. I WISH I had searched online for Nightmare Before Christmas fabric, because there are some really cute ones I would have rather had... here is a really cute one:

You can find my cute Jack Spooky banner here!

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