Pet Crayfish

Looking for an unusual and educational pet that is super low maintenance and entertaining? Probably not the best way to obtain a pet, however my babes brought this guy in from our creek. It was low, and they did not want to put him back in because they thought he wouldn't survive the drought. So we ended up going to the store and getting this guy a sweet set up, with a filter! (Super important to keep in a tank with a lid and filtration system, we used this one which was not loud at all like most!)

You can also order your crayfish online, we loved all the pretty colors they come in (even white!!) They are fairly cheap, right around $10-15 depending on size!

We ended up getting our tank from the local store, however you can find a pretty nice set up online and includes pretty much everything you need to get started! It also comes with a lamp, however you do not need to provide heat for them.

The water level shown in the tank on the box above is perfect, with rocks set up to allow them to get out if they'd like. Crayfish like to have a safe space to hide, we set ours up to have a small cave like area that backed to the glass that allowed us to observe him often!

The best part about these guys is that they are omnivores/scavengers! They eat ANYTHING! We used to feed Crabby pieces of our left over dinner... anything from chicken, to green beans! He loved nearly everything (including cheeses!) If you don't like this idea you can certainly find Crayfish food online. Or use any other "bottom feeder" food to make sure that it sinks to where they can get it (they don't swim.)

Here is more information on them if you are considering to have them as a pet: Crayfish as Pets

*Of note, if you are considering a crayfish as a pet, PLEASE be aware that they molt. We researched them prior to Crabby, and knew that they did this. This can be alarming/traumatizing lol to littles who wake up in the morning thinking that their shell is a dead crayfish.

When they do this, they're super vulnerable to predators as their body is without shell. You are to leave the molted shell in the tank, and they will come out at night to eat it, this is where they get the nutrients to build their new one, so don't remove it! You may notice they won't eat as much during this time, this is fine! They are in a really chill/low key mode while reproducing their protective armor! This happens typically only once a year, more if they are growing faster... More info on Molting.