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Custom Farmhouse Kitchen Table Set for less than $450!

We FINALLY got our new kitchen table set! We wanted something that wasn't super bold, and blended with the coziness of our family room. It's super time consuming finding a table a la carte, mixing and matching pieces that fit.

After looking at sets online, I didn't like how basic they all were! I wanted something different and custom looking, so we could also move chairs around, and use the bench when company comes over for extra seating in the living room area.

(Yes that is a hanging chair in our living room. The greatest thing ever! So cozy, and fun!)

We leave one chair off of the end to make more room walking by, and put back at table when we have extra guests! These chairs also make great statement chairs for home offices, entryways, and living rooms!

To give you an idea on the already packaged sets, this is one we looked at for $1,299.00 but like I said, the colors weren't perfect, and there were no options to mix and match chairs. I don't like everything the same.

Get the Look:

Below are clickable to the links where you can purchase! The entire set cost less than your more basic and common sets sold at stores. The total price was $442!!! For a 6 place versatile dining table! Similar ones are $1200-1600!!!!

Table: Finding a table is difficult, I couldn't find the right size or shape in colors I wanted. I really wanted the wood top with the white legs, but most of them have the "cottage white" or the light wood, so I was really excited when I found this one! It has that sleek farmhouse look, without the big knobby legs.

Chairs: These are really cozy and the perfect height at 19.5" so they aren't really low and they don't sink in. Perfect for my 4&6 year olds!

Bench: I couldn't find one we liked and definitely wanted a bench on one side so the table wasn't as bulky with big chairs around both sides but wanted it to be fluffy and snug! Most of the dining benches were all wood, or wood with a shiny faux leather top. This one is velvet, and very plush. Also 19.5" seat height!

Flowers:These went so perfect with my colors (Teal, Greys, Creams, Whites, and Steel Blue) I put these in a glass vase we had and added some gravel, don't laugh, from our driveway for the time being. I am planning on making a cute arrangement out of them with a mason jar!


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