It’s March, Time to Hang Your Bird Houses!

Every year we hang our window bird house and get to watch beautiful Eastern Bluebirds prepare their nest, lay and hatch eggs! When the babies are here we get to watch them eat, move about the nest and watch their first flights as fledglings!

Our sweet babies!!

A video of one of our babies learning to fly! This was really unusual because another bird came over to sing to the baby!

It’s such a neat thing to take part in, and we haven’t done it since we moved into our new house.

I purchased a “My Spy Bird House” and we just set it up this afternoon. Hoping we get a new bird family to take up residence and share their babies with us!

We decided to hang ours in the office, which is just behind the playroom but not often used by the kids. This way it's more quiet, but still seen daily passing through!

We also made welcome signs for them!