Game Room Setup

Our family is super into gaming. My husband and I grew up loving all of the classics, and have shared our love for video games with our babes! They LOVE playing between the different systems, and there's nothing like having the real deal, vs emulators/using mini systems. Just doesn't feel the same!

Anyways we wanted to dedicate a space to set up and make it a gamer area, allowing our babes to proudly display heir collection! In my playroom post, I shared these cube shelving units we also use them in their bedrooms! They are great, super sturdy and the perfect size when flipped horizontally for little to access. They come in different colors and are super sturdy, the best bang for your buck!

For lighting we used SOLLED Bias Lighting made to go behind tvs. These strips are roughly 3 feet each (rather short,) however I chose to split the cords into two sides so we can have that one player two player feel in the room.

They have a sticky tape already attached, you just peel off the backing and stick it where you would like. They are easy to adjust by sliding up and down, and I did peel off one side and move without any issues of it messing up the surface or peeling off of the lights.

These are USB ports, so you you will either need a power cord with USB ports, OR an adapter (like what you use to charge your cell phones/iPad!

We have several of these Multi Outlet Wall Mount Surge Protectors, which are nice next to your bedside so you can charge at night time but still have space to plug in reading lamps, etc....

You can find the lighting in various lengths if you don't want to go for the duo colors, There are also ones you can connect to your television that will change color with the beat of the music, they all have a blink mode as well offering a rainbow light show. A Bit much for regular play, however neat to have for entertaining purposes. The above Ledniceker set up is 16ft with traditional plug ac adapter set up, and has a remote!