A Mini Home Tour

People ask me all the time where I got some of the things they see in my photos I post. I decided to make a mini home tour post giving you the links of where to find some of our things!!

One of the first things we did to the exterior of our home after we built it was add garage door brackets. We still need to remove the original handle and fill the hole, but you can see what a difference they make! Loving that carriage house look, and its a super CHEAP and simple upgrade that makes a big difference! You can get the kit here.

My husband is the ultimate Pinterest master WHEN I can borrow him to do things! I stumbled upon Whitney Hansen's GORGEOUS DIY electric fireplace blog, and fell in love!

He started with building the sides first.

Then he moved the tv up and then framed in the fireplace. Our TV is on an adjustable tilt wall mount bracket which is really nice we can tilt it downwards, if you are purchasing one be sure to get the one that fits your TV size as they are based on weight. We used wooden panels to go with our farmhouse look! We have a bunch left over to use on our bedroom project (turning a huge Victorian fireplace mantel into a head board. we will use the panels to go in the open space!)

Okay and I have to give you all a sneak peak at my massive mantel! I am refinishing it with a shabby chic distressed white look. I found this at a local thrift store for $99!!!!!!!!!

Here is the look I am going for, instead of doing the tufted upholstery, I want to put the planks there! Ok anyways, back to the fireplace....