Everything you Need to Know about Nintendo Switch

We recently got a Nintendo Switch and LOVE it! Here is our video of the unboxing:

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The Switch console is $299.00 you can check out the page to purchase it along with the description here. It is a hybrid video game console, with the main system comprising the "Switch Console", the "Switch Dock", and the "Joy-Con" controllers. Although it is a hybrid console, the Switch is "a home console that you can take with you on the go". It's versatility makes it nice for travel, yet gives you an awesome in home experience without slacking on the display!

Playing in handheld mode is awesome on its huge 6.2" 1280 × 720p LCD screen. It boasts up to1080p via HDMI while docked and viewed on TV or monitor screens!

The Switch has about a 3-6 hour battery life when playing hand held.

You can get a Nintendo Switch Battery bank which will extend the battery life for 8-12 hours without charge. You can purchase this here for $39.99

I do suggest getting a nice carrying case to keep your Switch and games protected during travel... the kit pictured above comes with 2 controller skins, a cable, and a screen protector for only $13.99. Totally worth it! You can purchase it here.

I was really impressed with the controller options...

The unit comes with two controllers, they are called "Joy-cons." You have the option of buying with 1 blue and 1 red, or 2 grey Joy-con controllers. Pictured above is the handheld with the original blue Joy-con controller it came with and 1 green one we purchased extra (see below.)

The Joy-con controllers can be easily removed from the screen.

You can purchase a stand for the screen and play two player while you are traveling or in the car! The stand is $12.99

If you purchase extra Joy-con controllers, you can play 2 ways... you can play with each individually so enough for 4 players you see above.

They sell them in a set of 2, and you can also chose from the following color combos: Neon Red/Blue, Neon Pink and Green, or Grey. You can purchase them here.

Or, you can play with 2 Joy-cons as 1 player. (see below for link to purchase the double Joy-Con Gripper)

We also purchased the double grip controller for them to play with 2 Joy-con controllers each for 2 p