DIY Sensory Kitchen: Fairy Wonderland Bin

My daughter is into all things tiny recently. She loves Shopkins, Num Noms, Hatchimals, etc... we came across these teeny tiny fairy miniatures for gardens, and she HAD TO HAVE them! They are adorable, and really pretty!

We bought most of our larger items from Michaels, the entire section was on sale for 40% off!!! JACKPOT!

We went for a "playground" theme!

We found our miniature items and rocks for our fairy garden at Michaels. I bought two jars of the rocks to fill our tray bottom. You can find the same ones in a larger back for a little bit better of a deal (you get a lot more) here is the link for those!

We got our trays from different places (you will see us using different kinds,) however, I found these the other day and think it is such a smart idea! The tray has a funnel in the bottom of it so when you are finished you can funnel the filler back into it's container! Find them here! These are perfect for exploring sensory items, like sand, playdough, slime, etc...

We found a ton of fairy accessories at our local Michaels, here are some ideas for you that you can find online:

Adorable fairy tea set!!