Forget Scentsy.... Check out ScentHD!

Our home is probably one of the most sensory rich homes I've been to with many lighting features and other sensory diet items. Smell is important to both my son and I who have sensory issues (specifically sensory processing disorder.) There is something about the connection between smell and a safe place. Home is our safe place, and we love to walk in from an outing and be greeted by the "smell of home." A place where we can relax, laugh, get cozy, eat, etc...

I used to like using scentsy, however at times the smell was too strong, and I did not leaving the burner on while we were gone, kind of defeating the want for being greeted when you walk in from being away.

Recently, my husband and I were introduced to the concept of scent "fans" at a doctor's office. We both instantly picked up on and made a point to say something about the smell of the entire office. I noticed a small fan sitting on the table, and took a photo of it so I could come home and research it.

I was disappointed to find out, that this other brand was somewhat of an industrial brand, and used consultants and memberships in order to obtain the machine and future cartridges. I didn't want all that. After browsing online, I came across ScentHD, and was happy to see it was available for household consumers, and at a fraction of the cost!

It's an investment, however, I encourage you to try it. It's amazing and totally worth it. It is a small fan contraption that has a cartridge insert. I ended up calling the doctor's office to see what scent they had... I found the same scent in ScentHD's cartridges. SO stoked!

This tiny fan can be set to blow at intervals 15-60-180 seconds (we have ours set to 180 on and off. Our home is 2300 square ft, 2 stories, and the smell is subtle and reaches the entire house.

We have it placed on our entryway console. It's hardly noticeable, and everyone that walks in our front door makes note of the smell.

Here I have it sitting on the edge so you can see it's size, however we usually keep it tucked back so you can't see it passing by. The cartridge is the entire center. Depending on your settings you can replace every 1-2 months.

Set up is a breeze, we have ours set to Auto > 180 On > 180 Off. You can adjust the amount of scent (which is essentially how fast the fan blows) You could also set to run at certain times. Either way it's totally flexible and again, the scent is out of this world!

We use the "Tea Thyme" scent cartridge which is the exact same as the "White Tea & Thyme" from the ScentAir competitor.

You can purchase your own ScentHD here! *This link will also come with a FREE Cartridge!!!!*

Here is a link to purchase the cartridges if you need refills!

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