Organizing Family Spaces. Tips and Tricks that are Aesthetically Functional!

Since the newest Marie Kondo craze has hit the internet hard, I wanted to share some of my personal organizing tips... no worries, you don't have to hug or talk to any inanimate objects! I want to share what has worked for our family with two school age children who love doing all the things! I know keeping a single space dedicated to your little ones is hard, so hopefully these ideas will help you keep your home looking less jungle gym, while still keeping things easily accessible to your little friends!

One of the biggest tips I can give when someone wants to start organizing their home, is to start one room a a time! Draw out a plan on a piece of paper that gives you an idea of what items you will need to purchase and come up with a plan! If you have no idea where to start, or have questions, feel free to message me on facebook, I'd be more than happy to help!

Here, we will start in the living room, where no matter how hard you try to keep this space an adult sanctuary, the minis seem to always migrate their belongings during the day!

We finally decided to get rid of our living room coffee table and switch to a storage ottoman instead! BEST DECISION EVER! It is still functional for holding things like drinks simply by adding a tray! Inside we keep our snugglies, and our gaming stuff! It is aesthetically pleasing, cozy (kids love laying on it,) and functional... WIN!

You can get a similar ottoman here!

In our playroom we have a wall desk hanging at a height the kids can reach and work at easily. We use a storage ottoman here also for seating. These ottomans are very versatile, look nice, and the kids love them! They are a great way to store things while being functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time!

We have 2 in the play room. This one is used as a seat, as well as stores very important NERF guns allowing for easy battle access! ;)

The other one sits next to our play room couch and is a magical bottomless portal for all things princess dress up, and doubles as an ottoman /side table for drinks (we just add a tray!)

You can find these same ones here!