Homeschooling - 1st Grade Week 1 Oak Meadow Curriculum Supplements

Overview: Curriculum from Oak Meadow

*Disclaimer- This is not the full curriculum. It is available for purchase at this blog simply is a way for us to keep track of supplements we use, and may be helpful to others using the same curriculum.

Materials to get started for the year:

I recommend getting unruled notebooks or higher quality sketch pad/journals

I like using these (They are 8.5x 5.5") the size is perfect for encouraging them to use the whole paper. The pages are a nice thick quality and are perfect for bullet style journaling. You can order them here or click the picture below!

I also suggest investing in a good set of art markers. We love these, they have dual sides one with a fine tip, and the other with a chiseled tip. These color beautifully and come in a nice carrying case! You can order them here or click the picture below!

We love these Math cubes! you can order them here!

Magnifying glass.. we have gone through a few that didn't work very well. This has been our favorite1 You can order it here!

These little critter tanks are AWESOME! We have 4... you will certainly fill them with different things and it is nice to have them outside in different places (front porch back porch) readily accessible! These are perfect for creating mini habitats and studying insects and animals that you are studying at the time. I also keep one in my car, tadpoles from the river are fun to observe! You can order them here!