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Free Catalog MUST HAVES for Homeschool Projects

We use catalogs frequently for art projects! They make for awesome themed collages, decoupage art, card decorating, word games, math, science, critical thinking, and more!! There are a ton out there, we love gardening ones for our seeds/gardening units and home decor catalogs are great for the younger ones making flash cards to increase vocabulary! Not to mention they are aestheically pleasing AND FREE!!! You can find a list of our faves with links to request catalogs at the end of this post!

I do recommend getting a really good pair of scissors, so they can appreciate and enjoy the cutting experience. Teach them how cut out a square/rectangle around the picture first, and then doing the detail cutting like shown above. This will lessen the frustration of trying to maneuver the catalog for cutting difficult shapes.These are the ones we use: (you can order them here)

We use a hardback sketchbook for all of our collage/cutting and pasting work. Just be sure to use glue sticks, and let the page dry open so it doesn't stick together! We also use this book for flower pressing and nature collages! You can order it here!

Catalog Request links:

(Click photos for direct link!)

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