Kid’s Baking: Opposite Cake Activity

If you are looking for a fun family activity that is easy to incorporate a lesson into, baking is it! You can essentially incorporate any subject into the activity and the kids will never suspect it! Reading the directions, working together, math skills, the science of baking, and you could even incorporate a history lesson by baking a historical recipe! This weekend we were on an “opposites” kick, my two declared Saturday “Opposite Day.” The entire day they would say things like no means yes and yes means no. I’d ask, “how is dinner,” they’d respond, “horrible!” To which I took as a complement given the day 🤓 We decided to bake a cake and have a mini “competition” in decorating a cake to represent Opposite Day. They both agreed on doing different seasons, winter and spring.

We had to improvise on the icing bags, we ran out of the disposable kind, so we used ziplock bags!

Dad was so into it too!