Third Grade Learning Goals

3rd Grade Curriculum Overview

A typical third grade curriculum will promote mastery of multiplication and division as well as expand their understanding of reading and writing. Third graders will develop more complex skills as they get used to reading longer texts and read about different topics in social studies, science and language arts.

When researching third grade curricula, take the following into consideration:

  • Are the lessons fun and keep children engaged?

  • Are the concepts included helping children truly understand and meet their learning objectives?

  • How often are children assessed and how are they being assessed?

  • Is there plenty of opportunities for children to practice and reinforce skills?

  • Do the activities promote critical thinking and problem solving skills?

Math Objectives for 3rd Grade

In third grade, there are a number of math objectives that your child should achieve. Doing so will allow them to easily learn more complex concepts later. Practicing math facts in the early elementary years as often as possible will help them focus on learning these new skills and understanding more advanced concepts in the years to come.

This year’s math objectives include:

  • Gain the skills to do mental math

  • Multiply two-digit numbers

  • Divide two-digit numbers

  • Understand, compare and identify fractions

  • Interpret charts and graphs

Reading Goals/Objectives for 3rd grade

Now that phonics and reading skills are pretty much mastered, it’s time for your child to focus on their comprehension skills. Using the right strategies to break down text, ask questions, make inferences and summarize are all concepts that students will focus on this year.

The ideal language arts curriculum for third grade will help your child address these and many more objectives, including but not limited to:

  • Describe characters, identify the main idea and use supporting details.

  • Use context clues to understand what a word means.

  • Read and understand a variety of genres such as fiction, non-fiction, poetry, fables, etc.

Writing Goals/Objectives for 3rd grade

With the basics down, students are now moving on to writing longer, more detailed copy. This year, students will continue to grow their vocabulary and use these new words and phrases to make their writing as clear and concise as possible. A 3rd grade language arts curriculum will also help students with the writing objectives listed below.

  • The writing process: planning, drafting, revising, editing, publishing

  • Write longer text in chronological order using