Custom Phone Icon Setup - CocoPPa

Tired of the boring iPhone app icons? I found the coolest app called CocoPPa that has hundreds of awesome icons, it's free and super easy to use!

I decided to go with a purple/teal pastel kawaii look for my phone!

Before you get started, you will want to clear your home screen. You can move all of your apps to a new page. You don’t want to delete them!

To move them, you can click and hold down over the icon you want to move until it starts shaking. Then you can simply drag it to the edge of the page and it will move to a new page. To make folders like you see on my screen, you can drag an icon to another one you’d like to combine in a category. Then you will start a new folder in which you can rename, and add more icons to. This helps save room!

The app to get all of the cute icons is called CocoPPa, it’s free! You can find this by searching the name in your App Store.

Once you are in the app you will be on the main page that shows you all of the latest and top trending picks!

Select the search icon (magnifying glass) and type in or choose from the list what type of icon you are looking for. In this example, I searched for a weather icon. You can also be more detailed in your search selecting what color you would like the icon to be.

It will load a ton of cute icons for you to choose from.