The Power of Cozy and it's Relationship to Behavior

If you follow me on Facebook, you will have noticed and may have been a participant in a series of polls asking you to choose which photo looked most cozy out of 2 photos, labeled A and B. I tried to keep the two being compared pretty close as far as colors/scheme went. The results were interesting, especially on seeing how subjective the term "cozy" is. For example, some of you noted textiles like bedding/rugs. Others honed in on things like practicality and storage.

Within each set of photos there was a constant and I think a few of you noted on some but not all of the rooms. It was something many of you were likely drawn to but didn't even notice. Doing this experiment with my added hyper awareness of space/environment will hopefully help you stop and really observe your settings and how they can directly have an affect on your mood. This awareness is such a great tool in coping, and behavior. Rather than focusing on the behavior, we need to zoom in to what could be causing or amplifying the behavior. In this case we are specifically looking at children's spaces, mostly bedrooms. So if you are seeing big emotions at night time in regards to bed time, perhaps this can help a bit!

I am going to start with the last photo first, hopefully this will pull everything together and you'll go back and see why most chose a specific room. In this photo I asked you to pick which parking space you would choose, the red car spot or the blue car spot. Majority answered red, here are a few of the reasons you all listed:

"Red, tree may provide shade"

"Red, more protective for my vehicle.

"Red car, so there’s only one car beside me"

"Red...only one person parked next to me. Less chance of car"

Some reasons why some folks chose blue:

"Blue!! No hedges at the side and back..and easy access to the boot at the back!"


"Depends on where I'm coming from. I prefer to turn to the right to park."

Those who chose red, mostly rationalized this answer by noting the safety factor. The car is nestled in a corner, there is less risk of the car getting damaged due to the hedges on the side and behind. Those who chose blue or were undecided seemed to be noting the practicality of the spot based on their preferences.

In the next photo I shared a couch, with two spots marked A and B. A was the majority in this one, with one choosing B. Here are a few of the responses:

"A, hands down! You can lean on the side of the couch. You won’t have people on either side of you."

"A. Corners are the "safest" so I feel coziest there."

"A because I am "surrounded" by two sides!"

Here we see again that the corner spot is preferred, safety and comfort mostly noted as to why.

Now I want to make clear, this is merely a social experiment based on my own personal observations. I am autistic, with sensory processing disorder, and am hyper aware of my space in relation to my comfort level. Most do not analyze something so closely, and perhaps is why some can't pinpoint their source of discomfort. Hopefully this may help some of you, for some this may not apply. It is often hard to understand why something makes us feel a certain way, but if we take the time to explore this we can accommodate our emotions by surrounding ourselves with things that make us feel good. So when we do have big feelings, at least we have a safe and comfortable spot to support our needs.

Ok, let's move on to the room photos... I will post some of the responses and see if you notice the common theme in the ones that "won" the poll.

The first set: