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Hi, I’m Ashley, welcome to our page! I am a 30 something year old nurse turned homeschooling mom to our two elementary aged children. I wanted to create a page dedicated to helping others understand children as a whole and the importance encouraging uniqueness.

I am a huge advocate of understanding neurodiversity. Acceptance of neurodiverse individuals is key for thriving both psychologically and academically. It should not be the goal to change these children, rather provide them with the tools and accommodations they need to successfully thrive in a neurotypical world. Every child is different regardless of being neurodiverse, the concept of teaching all children the same based on their age is outdated and ineffective.

I will be sharing some of what we do at home. Our learning style is a relaxed, secular, and nature based curriculum. We combine several resources to cultivate a learning style that focuses firstly on fostering psychological, emotional, and social well-being allowing academics to follow naturally.

Feel free to reach out to me with questions or comments on the form below or our contact page! 


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