Salisbury Meatballs

My hubby has been begging me for Salisbury steak and I just haven't had the time to make it with both babes back in school. I decided to do a cheater version using frozen meatballs, you can find my legit Salisbury steak recipe here. It was actually pretty good! I found out recently that I am allergic to nearly every food under the sun, and have been doing really good at avoiding them... The one thing I missed here was that the meatballs, are in fact mixed with chicken and pork. If you have an allergy to them, you may want to steer clear and make your own meat balls, or find beef only ones. You can do this in a crock pot or you can do in the oven! Since learning of my food allergies, I have m

Slap Yo Mama 3 Bean Chili

Fall is just around the corner and my gang has been begging for me to make my chili! It is by far the most versatile food I make, I like to make potato skins and set up a mini bar with all the fixins similar to our taco nights! The kids love making their own, and the chili tastes amazing with the potatoes topped w cheese, sour cream, and bacon! I do my chili a little bit different than most traditional recipes. Here’s what I use for mine: 2 Lbs of browned ground beef 1 Red onion finely chopped and sauteed in olive oil (I had to omit this in mine, I'm allergic to onions) 2 Cans of tomato sauce 2 Cans of diced tomatoes with chilli peppers. 2 Cans of kidney beans (I used light, however I usuall

Hot Dots - Interactive Learning by Play and Self Correction

If you sift back through my previous posts on The Montessori Method you will see a strong connection here between these particular learning tools and one of the main Montessori Missions about encouraging autonomy by way of self correction. A simple example would be the "classroom" in a Montessori school. You may notice the children are using mini sized porcelain dishwater, and drinking from actual glasses. In most children's centers/schools you will see them using plastic dishes, and utensils, for safety reasons. Why on earth would a 2 year old be allowed a glass cup? There are a few reasons behind it and the two unrelated to this post like learning to manage their movements within the fragi

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