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Live Animal Cams - For Little Researchers

Do you have a little animal researcher? Many kids fall in love with a favorite animal, and sadly most of them are hard to observe in their habitat in real time. Check out these awesome animal live cams, perfect for curious babes! Great resource to bookmark for research reports and projects too!

Live Farm Animal Cams Channel

Giraffe Cam

African Watering Hole Cam

Penguin Cam

Penguins Underwater Cam

Panda Cam

Jelly Cam

Sea Otter Cam

Brown Bear Cam - Note: These animals hibernate during the Winter

Reef Cam

Tiger Cam

Pacific Walrus Beach

Anacapa Peregrine Falcon Cam

Great Gray Owl Cam

Ape Cam

Puppy Playroom Cam

Kitten Rescue Cam

Honey Bee Hive Cam

Frying Pan Tower- Ocean Cam

Above Water Manatee Cam

Shark Cam - Atlantic Ocean

Shark Cam- Aquarium

Polar Bear Cam

Bald Eagle Nest Cam

Horse Cam

Sea Lion Cam

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