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Shrinky Dink Cell Key Chains

I found this project suggested in a biology group I am in on Facebook and it looked SO fun! However there aren't many tutorials on how to do it. I wanted to experiment with doing it two different ways before presenting it to my students so I could eliminate potential frustration.

Here is what you will need for the Shrinky Dink Cell Key chain Project:

Preheat your oven to 325 before beginning if you are heating these up in class.

To get started you will lay down your printable to trace and place the Shrinky Dink paper on top, I liked doing the rough side up so I could color it in with colored pencils (sharpies may be too frustrating on the glossy side for some.) You can tape these down at an angle on the table so they won't slide around and cause frustration moving everywhere. (If they are right handed angle your sheet to the left, and if they are left handed angle it to the right.) Or you can use clipboards this is what we did!

Next have them outline all of the organelles and their names with their sharpies, and then once they are finished they can turn the printable over so they have a white background to see when they are coloring in with the colored pencils.

Once their magnificent creation is colored in and labeled, they can begin to cut out their shapes. I would remind them to cut a little ways out from their line so they don't get rid of their cell membrane.

Have them punch a hole where they would like their key chain to go.

They are ready for the oven, you can put them on pans lined in parchment paper. The instructions for the Shrinky Dinks say 3 minutes, but ours finished and flattened out at right about a minute.

Trust the process! They wrinkle up and curl but reassure they they are not getting ruined, they lay straight at the end, this is how you know they are finished!

When they are done, they can add their key chains and clip them to whatever they like, you can suggest they add them to things like their book bags, or even their lunch boxes! I hope you and your students loved this project!

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